Q: What is the benefit of having a second photographer or videographer?

A:  Choosing a package with a second photographer or videographer has a surprising number of benefits, the biggest being that it doubles the amount of coverage at your wedding. That means you will get more great images and videos of all the important moments that make up your wedding day than you would with just one. Having another photographer or videographer also allows for a second perspective or angle which can add depth to your wedding gallery. If your big day has a tight schedule it can also be beneficial during those times where events may overlap such as the bride and groom getting ready or cocktail hour and family portraits.

Q: How long will it take to get my images?

A:  It takes approximately four to six weeks from your wedding day to process your photos. What exactly are we doing during that time? See below.

Q: How do you edit my photos?

A:  To deliver you the very best images possible we go through each photo from your wedding day and make some minor adjustments to them. These usually include exposure (how bright or dark your image is), color balance (how warm or cool the image is), sharpness, leveling, and stylizing (our personal touch). Please note, this is not the same as ‘photoshopping’ or ‘retouching’ an image.

Q: How long will it take to get my wedding video?

A:  It takes approximately eight to ten weeks from your wedding day to craft a cinematic wedding video. Video editing is more complex than photo editing which is why it takes longer. Rest assured, the wait is worth it!

Q: Can i customize my wedding package?

A:  Absolutely. Just tell us exactly what you want and we will provide you a price quote within one business day.

Q: How do I order prints?

A:  Ordering prints is quick and easy within your wedding gallery. Simply select the images you want to print and add them to your virtual shopping cart as you would for any other online shopping site. From there you will be able to select your sizes, quantities and options. Alternatively, you can just download the images and print them elsewhere. There are no restrictions on any of the photos that we deliver.

Q: How long will my wedding gallery be up for?

A:  Hmmm…let’s see. Forever! That’s right. Your gallery will never expire. That said, it’s always a good idea to download all your images and back them up somewhere else.

Q: Do you offer wedding albums?

A:  Yes, we offer both standard albums as well as custom options (paper finish, cover style, etc…) for wedding albums. Please inquire for pricing.

Q: What if i don’t know which package I want, can I still reserve my wedding date?

A:  Yes. We realize if you are in the early stages of wedding planning it can be difficult to know exactly what your photo needs are. Therefore, we allow our clients to simply place their booking deposit and decide later.

Q: How far are you willing to travel?

A:  We love traveling so if you are planning a far away destination wedding or even something a bit closer to home we would love to hear from you.

Q: Can I meet you before deciding to book?

A:  There’s nothing we would like more than you sit down with you at your favorite coffee shop and hear about your wedding plans and get to know you a little in the process.

Q: Can I add additional time on my wedding day?

A:  Of course. We will include an hourly rate in the contract so if you find you want just a few more photos of your guests letting loose on the dance floor we can stick around longer.

Q: How long will my wedding video be?

A:  Most of our videos are five to ten minutes in length. Our aim is to highlight the very best moments throughout the day and tell your unique story.

Q: Do you offer save the date videos?

A:  Yes. We love making save the date videos. This is a creative and fun way to notify your guests about your upcoming wedding.

Q: Can I choose the music for my wedding video?

A:  We welcome input into the creative process of making your wedding video and would be happy to consider any song suggestions you have.

Q: Can i see a preview of my wedding video?

A:  Absolutely. Some of our package already have a preview video included. If not, you can always choose it as an add-on to yours.

Q: Can I have drone footage from my wedding day?

A:  Aerial images and videos can really add a unique perspective to your wedding story. Drone can be added to any package but please be aware that some venues have restrictions that prevent us from flying.

Q: Can i get the raw and unedited videos from my wedding day?

A:  Yes, a copy of the all the raw footage from your wedding day can be sent to you. Please inquire for pricing.

Q: My venue requires vendors to be insured, is Elmtree Weddings fully covered?

A:  Yes. We are insured for up to $2 million. We are happy to add your venue as an additionally insured to the policy as well if needed.